Take Stock

enables changeWhy do you bother with technology? It saves me time and energy. I store all important documents in Google Drive. This allows me to organize items into folders so I can access them quickly. I can also record center directions so students can view them at each center and watch them as many times as they need to… no more repeating directions over and over! Additionally, I use a website to communicate to parents about classroom activities. I also post important documents that parents can access. This stops numerous parent questions coming to email because they can access most classroom queries on the website.

Now this was easy to write but can it be implemented? I am the digital learning coach in my school and it is my job to coach teachers to integrate technology into their classroom. Technology integration is scary because it is a new mindset. You need to be flexible and patient. My biggest challenge is making sure that the learning objective is the priority and not the technology tool. I want technology to be as natural in the classroom as having students use pencil and paper.

Podcast, Podcasts, Podcast! I can’t wait to try this in the classroom. I envision students creating a podcast series about their learning. I am looking for great science podcasts that my students can listen to. Do you have any suggestions?


5882632701_ba1a193fb5_nI am a dreamer! I love to dream but I often wonder if my head is in the clouds. My biggest dream is to find a way to spend more time with family and friends. Is this possible? I think it is! I have determined that instead of dreaming, I need to start doing. As a result, I started my own health and wellness company. It has challenged me to take risks and step out of my comfort zone. I have met some some wonderful people and I have learned a great deal about living a healthy lifestyle. I know I will continue to dream, but I think this new opportunity will help me fulfill those dreams. Are you a dreamer?